• 15 must-have products for boat owners

15 must-have products for boat owners

As a boat owner, there are several products you’d want to have have with you on your boating trip. We listed the must-have products for boat owners on this page! These products will prepare you for your trip and allow you to enjoy your trip with great convenience.

  1. First aid kits. Let’s start of with safety accessories. Having a first aid kit with you. whether it’s in the car or on a boat, isn’t only mandatory, it’s also really important. First aid kits make it easy to treat minor wounds and injuries fast. They include bandages, alcohol prep pads, latex gloves, aspirin and more. Making sure you have one will put your mind at ease before going onto the water.
  2. Life jackets. In addition to the first aid kit you should have several life jackets with you. Make sure you know how the life jackets work and that they can be accessed easily.
  3. Fire extinguisher. You are required to have a marine fire extinguisher on board. These differ from normal fire extinguishers. Please ask your local boat shop for advice.
  4. Depth finders. When you’re out on unknown waters you can’t always know how deep the water beneath you is. Depth finders keep trouble away by telling you how deep the water underneath the hull is. There are several types of depth finders. Ask your local boating expert.
  5. Boat fenders. Boat fenders are floatable buoy cushions that prevent damage when the boat is docked. If you want to keep your boat in good shape, make sure you always have a few of these boat fenders with you.
  6. Jump starter. A boat runs on a battery and sometimes batteries die. In case something does happen with your battery it’s good to have a jump starter pack or jumper cables for your engine on board. This could save you a lot of trouble and stress.
  7. Solar chargers. Another way to charge the battery of your boat and even other devices is by solar energy. You could invest in a solar panel, to charge your battery. You could also use smaller solar charges for your phone, radio or lights. In case something happens while on the water these devices can safe lives. Make sure they are always powered properly.
  8. Paddle. In case of an engine failure a paddle could come in handy. Especially for smaller boats this could be a real lifesaver.
  9. Beach anchors. In case you’re using a smaller boat and you want to beach in areas where there’s no dock available, beach anchors are a must-have. You can put these beach anchors in all kinds of ground and they’ll prevent your boat from drifting away.
  10. Dock lines. In case you are going to tie up on an unfamiliar dock you’ll need dock lines to fix your boat to the dock. A lot of places, like dockside restaurants or marinas, will not serve you if you are not tied up to their docks in the proper way.
  11. Dry storage boxes. When you’re out on the water things get wet. Whilst you’re probably prepared for this, not everything needs to get wet. To keep important equipment, devices and paper dry you can use dry storage boxes. These containers have a watertight seal and will keep everything dry. Guaranteed. Also, in case of an accident these boxes will generally float on the water, depending on their weight.
  12. Coolers. Are you planning a long day on the boat? To make sure you’ll have acces to cold food and beverages coolers are an absolute must-have. Coolers that are being cooled by the battery of your boat work best, since they will provide coolness no matter how long you’re planning to get out on the water.
  13. GPS. If you’re going on a boat in unfamiliar waters, a GPS will help you find your way around. Sometimes these GPS devices are also equipped with depth measures and fish finders, which are helpful extra’s.
  14. Navigation lights. In case of low visibility, due to weather conditions or because you’re using your boat by night, navigation lights will guide your way. They aslo make sure your boat is visible to others on the water. Navigation lights are required to have with you. Ask your local boating expert which lights you’ll need for your vessel.
  15. Binoculars. Binoculars are great for spotting nature, animals and getting to know what’s ahead of you. Make sure you have a good pair of binoculars with you. For boating we’d recommend waterproof binoculars.

Of course there are many more accessories you could use on a boat. These 15 are our absolute must-haves that will keep you not only safe but also prepare you for extra fun while on the water!