• Effective ways to remove rust from a boat

Effective ways to remove rust from a boat

When it comes to cleaning your boat, a mixture of water and mild, all-purpose detergent, along with clean rags, is enough to remove dirt and any other buildup that you may have acquired while out on the water. However, when it comes to removing rust from your boat, you’ll need a different approach.

What causes rust on boats?

Rust is a oxidiation process. This occurs when metal is exposed to humid environments. Needless to say that rust easily builds up on boats, which lay in water most of the time. While a little rust can do no harm to your boat, it might not have the looks you would want. Luckily, there are several ways to remove rust from your boat.


Sandblasting uses high power to clean surfaces with the help of little sand particles. Typical dustless sandblasting incorporates a rust inhibitor that decontaminates the steel, leaving a chloride-free, clean and paint-ready surface.
The advantage of sandblasting is that it’s a very thorough method to clean a boat.
The disadvantage of sandblasting a boat is that it should be done by a professional and therefore can also be an expensive method.

TERCOO® Rotating Blaster

The TERCOO® Rotating Blaster is a natural rubber disk with 12 hard metal (tungsten carbide) tips (pins). The tips are at a certain angle to the centre of the disk. During operation, the centrifugal force created by the rotational speed of the drill causes the flexible rubber disk to react in such a way, that a “hammer effect” is created with the tungsten carbide tips. This movement ensures that the tips clean the surface perfectly, removing rust from your boat.
The TERCOO® Rotating Blaster is a good alternative for sandblasting, since it can be used by everyone. You can order this product on several webshops. Would you like advice on this product? Please look here.

Rust cleaners

You can also remove rust by using rust cleaners. There are several products on the market that can help you clean of the rust. Make sure to always read the description on the product before use, to make sure the product is suitable for the material or coating of the surface you want to clean. Also, some of these cleaners can be pretty aggressive. Make sure to wear gloves and glasses to protect your eyes and hands.

Lemon juice or vinegar

If you’re only dealing with a small amount of rust, you could try using some tools from your own kitchen. Lemon juice and vinegar contain acids, which can can rid of rust. Make a mixture of water and the lemon juice or vinegar. Cover the affected are of your boat with the mixture and leave it at least 15 minutes. Pressure wash it off and your boat could be rust-free. There is no guarantee for this method to work and it will probably only work on smaller rusty surfaces, but you could give it a try.