• How to clean your boat with the TERCOO® rotating blaster

How to clean your boat with the TERCOO® rotating blaster

With the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster you can clean boats and other surfaces, to get rid of tar, epoxy, paint, gelcoat, algae and more. This works by the pressure of the rotating rubber disks to the surface. While this technique is suitable for private use, for example by boat owners, it’s important to use the Tercoo Rotating Blaster the right way. Only then safety is guaranteed and you will get the right results.

If you have bought the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster and you want to know what the correct use is, please read this instruction first.

Step 1: Make sure you have the right TERCOO® rotating blaster version.
The TERCOO® rotating blaster is available in 4 different versions:

  • The TERCOO® single should only be used to clean small areas and weld-seams.
  • The TERCOO® double should be used to clean slightly larger areas such as the keel.
  • The TERCOO® triple should be used to clean larger areas (underwater, deck, etc.).
  • The TERCOO® multi-disk 8 is designed for semi-professional use.

Step 2: Check for defects
Before using the TERCOO® rotating blaster, you must check for any defects. In the event of
damage do not use the TERCOO® rotating blaster.

Step 3: Safety measurements
Make sure you always wear safety goggles. During the removal process little particles of the dirt and other layers you want to remove will come of and might fly towards you.
In addition, wear gloves, hearing protection and preferably protective clothing.

Step 4: Set the right speed
It is important that the drill rotation is clockwise and the speed does not exceed 4000 rpm at
any time. Normal operating speeds vary between 2500 and 3000 rpm. Be aware that you don’t need to put any pressure on the rotating blaster, since the above speed will create the hammer effect by itself. To enable the cleaning of tight angles and corners, we advise you to reduce the speed of the TERCOO® rotating blaster single to between 1200 - 1500 rpm.
Note: Lower speed means that the tungsten carbide tips will be scraping as opposed to hammering.

Step 5: The angle you should work in
The TERCOO® rotating blaster should always be used at 90˚ in relation to the work surface.
Always work from the centre of the material outwards and never start at the edge.

What not to do:
Do not clean bolts, nuts, rivets, heavily pitted surfaces and raised edges. This type of
operation can cause serious damage and render the disk inoperable.
Do not excerpt pressure on the disk(s) during operation. Rule of thumb is more pressure = more wear.

You can also download the full instruction manual here.

Take a look at our website here to watch videos of the TERCOO® rotating blaster in use.

In case of doubt, please feel free to contact your seller or us. Make sure you feel comfortable using the TERCOO® rotating blaster before starting.