• Keep your boat in a good condition: Tips for boating maintenance

Keep your boat in a good condition: Tips for boating maintenance

Whether you take your boat out on the water once or many times: Keeping your boat in a good condition will enhance your boat’s performance and will increase the pleasure you get from taking your boat out on the water. As goes for anything: Prevention is better than cure. That’s why we collected a few tips to keep your boat in great condition.

The looks

Let’s start at the obvious: The way your boat looks. Due to water, wind and other circumstances, your boat will look ‘used’ over time. Of course this is not a mayor issue, but to keep your boat in a good condition you might take a look at the paint job on your boat every once in a while. Paint can get flaky, which leaves you with an uneven surface. Luckily you can paint your boat over, or have this done by a professional to get your boat looking great again. However, keep in mind that a new paint layer will only look good if applied to an even surface. Remove the old layer of paint first, then apply the new color. To get rid of old flaky paint, you could use our Tercoo® Rotating Blaster.


Getting out on the water should be your number one priority. You should check your safety measurements every time before you get on the water, but before every boating season it’s wise to do a big checkup. Do you have enough lifevests on board? Are you lifelines and rails in good condition? We also made a Boat Maintenance Checklist, in which we give you several safety pointers.


Of course you want your boat to glide over the water as efficiently as possible. To enhance performance, such as speed, there are a few tricks. First of all, rust and dirt can decrease your boat’s performance tremendously. To clean your boat you can use several methods and products. For highly effective cleaning you could consider sandblasting. If you don’t want to let your boat cleaned by a professional, a good alternative for sandblasting is the Tercoo® rotating blaster. A rubber disk that get rids of rust, epoxy, tar, gelcoat and more.

Want to know more? Please check out or Boating Maintenance Checklist!