• The difference between the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster and sandblasting

The difference between the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster and sandblasting

At TERCOO® we often get the question: Is the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster a replacement for sandblasting? The short answer we give to this is no. While the Tercoo Rotating Blaster and sandblasting are great techniques, they are way too different to be compared to each other. In this article we’d like to get a little deeper into this and explain to you why not.

First, let’s get into both techniques to understand the way they work.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting and is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure. It gets rid of rust, old paint, gelcoat and other contaminants and prepares the boat for new coverage. It can cover large areas at ones, which makes it a great way of cleaning the hull of bigger boats and ships.
Sandblasting is a pretty aggressive way for cleaning your boat. Therefore it should only be done in open areas, preferably by professionals. It’s also highly effective.

What is the Tercoo Rotating Blaster?

TERCOO® is a natural rubber disk with 12 hard metal (tungsten carbide) tips (pins). The tips are at a certain angle to the centre of the disk. During operation, the centrifugal force created by the rotational speed of the drill causes the flexible rubber disk to react in such a way, that a “hammer effect” is created. This movement ensures that the tips clean the surface perfectly, removing all contaminants and other old coatings. This can be done by anyone with a boat.

The biggest differences:


  • Uses abrasive material
  • Can only be done by professionals
  • Can get expensive, due to hiring a professional and paying for it everytime your boat needs cleaning
  • Cleans larger areas at ones
  • Can be done pretty quickly
  • Need to hire a professional

TERCOO® Rotating Blaster:

  • Uses rubber disks
  • Can be done by anyone
  • Is at lower cost, since you only have to buy it ones to use it several times
  • Cleans smaller areas at ones
  • Takes some time
  • Can buy at many local boat shops and online


We wouldn’t call the Tercoo Rotating Blaster a replacement for sandbalsting. Sandblasting is a highly effective way of cleaning boats and other surfaces that will get you great results in short notice. However, for everyone that likes to maintain his or hers boat themselves and likes to put some time and effort into it, the Tercoo Rotating Blaster is a great alternative. It’s cheaper, can be bought in stores and online and still is a very effective way for getting rid of epoxy, paint, gelcoat, dirt and more.