• The different Tercoo® products and what to use them fore

The different Tercoo® products and what to use them fore

Tercoo® offers various products. Not only are there 4 types of rotary blasters, we also offer attachments that make the use of the Tercoo® rotating blaster easier and more effective.
If you’re wondering which Tercoo® product suits your needs and use best, this article will give you useful insights.

The Tercoo® rotating blaster

We developed 4 Tercoo® rotating blasters. Which one you should use depends on what are you want to clean.

Tercoo® Single

This is the smallest Tercoo® rotating blaster in our product range. It contains one rubber disk and can therefore be used to clean small areas. For example a small spot of flaking paint or a small rust spot. Because of the small size, the Tercoo® Single can also be used to clean small corners and cleaves.

Tercoo® Double

The Tercoo® Double comes with two rubber disk and therefore has more cleaning power than our Tercoo® Single. If you want to clean larger areas like a keel boat or a (part of a) smaller boat deck, this rotating blaster will do the trick.

Tercoo® Triple

As you probably already guessed by the name, the Tercoo® Triple comes with 3 rubber disks. If you’re cleaning large areas and are looking for a tool that cleans these areas with ease, we’d advise you to get the Tercoo® Triple. You could clean a boat hull or a full deck with this rotating blaster. But also the bodywork of a car benefits from a cleaning with this product.

Tercoo® Multi

Tercoo® offers cleaning solutions for private use. But, our products can also be used for semi-professional and professional use and have proven very effective in e.g. industrial areas. For this use we specifically developed the Tercoo® Multi; a rotating blaster that comes with 8 disks. You are free to choose how many disks you want to use. The more disk you use, the more powerful the cleaning process will be.

Tercoo® Attachments

If you’re looking into purchasing a Tercoo® rotating blaster, our two attachments might be of great value for you as well. We developed these attachments to make the use of the Tercoo® rotating blaster more effective, more clean and more eco-friendly. You can easily attach these attachments to your rotating blaster, regardless of the type of rotating blaster you have.

Tercoo® Dust Cover

During the use of the Tercoo® rotating blaster a lot of dirt sets free. This might be flaking paint, dust, sand or other particles that, over time, attached on the surface that you’re cleaning. To make sure these particles don’t pollute the air or your surroundings, we developed the Tercoo® Dust Cover. This attachment enables a vacuum cleaner to be connected to your Tercoo® rotating blaster, to extract and contain the particles that come of during the cleaning process. Afterwards you just empty your vacuum cleaner and most of the dirt will be contained.

Tercoo® Adjustable Guide

The Tercoo® rotating blaster can be used to clean a great variety of surfaces. Gelcoat is one of these surfaces. If you’re removing gelcoat from fibreglass, it is important that you only remove the exact amount of gelcoat you want. For example: Your gelcoating is 5 mm thick. To get a nice, even surface you only need to remove 2 mm of the gelcoating. You could do this by hand, but chances are the surface won’t get as clean as expected.
Especially for this purpose the developed the Tercoo® Adjustable Guide. You can set this to the amount you actually want to remove and the rotating blaster doesn’t get any further once the Adjustable Guide is attached.

Need help choosing the right Tercoo® product?

We want you to get the best out of our Tercoo® rotating blaster. In case of doubt, please feel free to contact us. We’re glad to help you find the right Tercoo® product. You can also reach out to your local Tercoo® seller or any online retailer that sells our Tercoo® products.