• What you can use the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster for

What you can use the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster for

The TERCOO® Rotating Blaster can be used to remove rust, paint, tar, epoxy, filler etc. from iron, steel or metal. This makes the Tercoo Rotating blaster a great tool to get rid of unwanted filth on a wide range of surfaces.

Clean your boat

The TERCOO® Rotating Blaster is most known for cleaning boats. Throughout the year, boats are exposed to a wide range of conditions, which also leave their marks on your boat. Rust builds up, paint peels of and epoxy needs to be removed. This is where our rotating blasters come into play. You can easily clean the surfaces of your boat with this tool, that comes in 3 variants. It’s a great alternative for sandblasting and can be easily used by professionals or hobby boat-enthousiasts.

Clean the bottom of your car

Over time, the bottom of a car can get pretty rusty. Predictable, since a car drives through all circumstances, which are often humid or wet due to rain, fog or snow. To get your car back in good shape you can use the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster. This tool removes all rust and other unwanted dirt from your car.

Remove mill scale

Mill scale is found on all hot-rolled steel products. It initially adheres to the steel surface and protects it from atmospheric corrosion, provided no break occurs in this coating. Later on, mill scale can be removed. This is where the TERCOO® Rotating Blaster comes into play. It is a great and easy way to remove mill scale from steel tubes and other steel products.

(Industrial) washing machines

Sometimes washing machines get rusty, especially when they are placed in a humid area. This might occur even more for Industrial washing machines. Luckily, there is an easy way to clean the surfaces of these rusty washing machines: The TERCOO® Rotating blaster. It’s rubber disks remove all rust in an easy way. The TERCOO® Rotating Blaster can be used for both home washing machines and Industrial washing machines.

In fact, you could be very creative with the Tercoo Rotating Blaster. Every iron, steel or metal surface can be cleaned with this tool. In case of doubt, you can always contact us. We’d like to advise you on this!